2021 March Yoto Club

2021 March Yoto Club

The winter clouds are starting to lift, the trees are blossoming, and it won’t be long until the clocks are changing and we’re basking in evening sunlight! Until then, we’ve been dropping off some super stories and magical music cards onto the doorsteps of all of our Yoto Club members in their March Club packs -  perfect for rain or shine and getting through the last bit of winter. 

Curious about what our Club members received this month? Here’s an overview of the exclusive audio cards they’ll be listening to (before they even hit our Card Store!) alongside a bunch of Springtime arts and crafts, from a Make Your Own Puppet Show to a Build Your Own Binoculars activity as a celebration of Global Recycling Day. 

There’s plenty to be excited about in March for our Yoto Club members!

A New Kids Album by Jon Samson

This month, our younger club members received A New Kids Album, a brand new music card packed with fun and inclusive songs from certified music therapist, Jon Samson. Jon is the first music therapist in history to receive a Grammy, and the first native South African to win Best Children’s album, and we’re thrilled to introduce him to our Yoto listeners! 

Jon weaves musical therapy, mentorship and inspirational life lessons into each of his musical tracks, in a way that encourages emotional growth and development in every child while retaining the youthful titles and upbeat spirit in his beats. From ‘Show More Love’ to ‘Clean It Up’, Jon frames important lessons into tunes guaranteed to get the whole family bopping along. 

With 38 minutes of family-friendly tunes, this card is perfect for a living room dance party. 

The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson

Much-loved children’s author, and Yoto family favourite, Julia Donaldson is back in this month’s Club Pack with The Ugly Five. A funny, rhyming tale full of delightfully disgusting creatures, which teaches us not to judge a book by its cover. 

A wildebeest, vulture, hyena, marabou stork, and a warthog certainly may not be the cutest or cuddliest animals, but they’ll have you in fits of giggles and loving them anyways, because after all, it’s what on the inside that counts! They might be gangly, warty, bumpy, bristly, spotty and stinky – but they’re perfect just the way they are.

Along with this cheeky, charming story this card also includes a read-along version of the, an original Ugly Five Song, and a listening game. Not so ugly in our books! 

Fearless Fairy Tales by Konnie Huq and James Kay 

This month we were so excited to share Fearless Fairy Tales with our older Club members-  a hilarious and chaotic collection of seventeen classic bedtime stories, all turned on their heads and utterly updated for a new generation. 

This card puts new-age take on age-old stories, and is perfect for those bored of damsels in distress and dreary dragons. It re-invents the tales we all know so well, filling them with marvellously modern characters and 21st century role models. Read by Konnie Huq herself,  it’s brilliantly creative, yet still maintains a grasp on the traditional.

What if Snow White played on a five a side football team? What if Rap-unzel loved R&B? What if Goldilocks was really Mouldysocks - a boy obsessed with staring at his iPad but rather less obsessed with taking a bath?! After listening to this card, you’ll never look at a fairytale the same way again!

Planet Omar: Unexpected Super Spy by Zanib Mian

Zanib Mian is a World Book Day author for 2021 with her Planet Omar title, Operation Kind, so we thought what better way to celebrate World Book Day with our Club Members then to introduce them to an audio edition from this brilliant, award winning series. 

Unexpected Superspy is the second installment of the Planet Omar books, an exciting #OwnVoices series starring a Muslim boy with a huge imagination. 

In this story - Omar and his friends have been saving up all their pocket money for ages to have the most epic Nerf Blaster battle ever. But when Omar realises his mosque is in trouble, they decide to donate their pennies and help raise more money to save it. Perfect, right? It is! Until the money goes missing...

Chosen as The Times Best Children’s Book of the Week, this superbly popular yet profoundly unique story is guaranteed to bring a smile to big kids everywhere. 

Like the sound of receiving brand new Yoto cards before they even hit the card store? Sign up to Yoto Club and receive your own Welcome Pack, as well as monthly deliveries of exclusive audio, activities, and other goodies. 

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