2021 May Yoto Club

2021 May Yoto Club

It’s been a drizzly month of May, but the summer sun is (hopefully!) just around the corner! In the meantime, what better way to stay dry indoors than with a fresh delivery of audio delivered straight to your door. So kick off your welly boots, say goodbye to the rain, and hello to another month of exclusive content!

This month, we introduced some well-known characters to the Yoto gang, as well as more bouncing beats and even a trip through the solar system! We also included a head-scratching activity and a creative challenge, and we celebrated International Nurses Day to thank our nurses for all that they do.

Want to know which new audio cards were delivered to our Club members this May, before it even hit the card store? Keep reading! 

Join the Dots

Musical Dots

This month, our younger listeners were welcomed into the wonderful world of The Musical Dots, a group of individually talented characters who make music and play together in perfect harmony. Sure, they might not look or sound the same, but it’s their differences that make them such a great team! Every listener is sure to be able to see a little bit of themselves in one, or maybe even a few, of these lovable Dots.

Founded by two teachers, Musical Dots was created with a shared goal of helping young children to grow into good people, while helping adults and teachers to engage more with the positive benefits of music in learning. 

With ten musical tracks, this card is packed full of positive and uplifting lyrics to help to inspire and develop the minds of children around the world. From celebrating healthy eating to road safety, to ‘Hello’ and ‘Slumbertown’, this magical musical album is full of fun lessons and can be enjoyed from morning till night. 

The Pout-Pout Fish

Deborah Diesen 

Our younger Club members were also introduced to the fish with the longest face in all the ocean, in the audio version of the New York Times Bestseller The Pout-Pout Fish

Mr. Fish is a pout-pout fish with a pout-pout face, but can his friends cheer him up?  Will this dreariness ever end? This delightfully funny fish story is full of rhymes and silliness bound to turn even the poutiest of frowns upside down! 

Narrated by Alexander Gould, this short and sweet audio card is brought to life by endearing impersonations and intertwined with gentle acoustic music, and also includes a read-along version. 

The Pout Pout Fish is the first book in series of adventures with Mr. Fish, so be sure to look out for this story, and more Pout-Pout titles all joining the Yoto Card store soon! 

Horrid Henry - Petting Service

Lucinda Whiteley

Our big kids welcomed everyone’s favourite troublemaker into the Yoto gang this month with Horrid Henry - Petting Service, an audio adventure adapted from the Horrid Henry TV series! 

Filled with music and narrated by the original TV cast, Horrid Henry and his gang are brought to life through hilarious impressions and spot-on sound effects. In this story, Henry embarks upon a new dream of carrying out a new service for the community - petsitting. It’s the perfect business, and he’s sure it’s going to be the answer to all his pocket money problems. Ha! Henry, animals, responsibility… What could possibly go wrong? 

Henry (Horrid), his brother Peter (Perfect), and his mates Margaret (Moody), Ralph (Rude), Brian (Brainy) will all be showing up in the card store, as we have plenty more audiobooks from this wacky and wonderful horrid series coming soon!

The Planets and the Solar System


Our 5-8 Club members were launched into the stars this May on an educational trip through space with The Planets and the Solar System

Perfect for aspiring scientists, astronomers, and astronauts, this card dives straight into the history of space, starting 4.6 billion years ago and takes listeners on a fact filled journey across billions of kilometres in our galaxy.  Did you know Jupiter is a big ball of gas? And that Mercury has a molten core? 

Brought to life by specially made icons for your Yoto Player, listeners will learn to identify different planets based on their appearances and characteristics, and will be filled with fascinating facts to share! For little ones with an insatiable appetite for knowledge and exploration, this card is sure to satisfy their curiosity. 

If you like the sound of these new cards, and want to receive exclusive audio before it even hits the card store, sign up to Yoto Club and receive your own Welcome Pack, as well as monthly deliveries of exclusive audio, activities, and other goodies.

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