Five Things We Learned From Podcasts

Five Things We Learned From Podcasts

September 30th is International Podcast Day and we’re celebrating one of our favourite forms of audio with a shout-out to all the excellent kids’ podcasters out there.

We’ve curated a selection of the very best children’s podcasts so you can play them directly on your Yoto Player. To access them just navigate to the Podcasts tab along the top menu in your Yoto mobile app.

Here are five things we’ve learned recently from some of the podcasts featured in the Yoto library.

1. We can thank two rival inventors, both named Otis, for the existence of elevators
Brains On!
From spacesuits to smartphones, Brains On! Tackles its topics with the help of young guest presenters. The episode on how elevators work included some surprisingly entertaining history, with lots of ups and downs…
More about Brains On!

2. It’s possible to hand-pull 16,000 noodles in 2 minutes
But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids
Starting with head-scratching questions straight from children’s mouths, But Why takes an entertaining look at a variety of subjects each week. We travelled with the NPR team from China to Italy on the episode, ‘How Are Noodles Made?’. Tasty stuff.
More about But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

3. Poems are a bit like someone playing a drum
CBeebies Radio
Poetry Playtime on the CBeebies podcast is a perfect illustration of the wonderful things audio can do. In this episode one of the world’s most prolific children’s authors, Michael Rosen, demonstrates how layers of sounds can be built up to create a rhythm. Listening to him recite the rhymes is a vivid and engaging intro to poetry for children.
More about CBeebies Radio

4. Darth Vader breathing is great for calming kids
Peace Out
Using stories, movement or just imagination, Peace Out helps children calm down and relax. Great for playing before bedtime or for a moment of quiet in a busy classroom.
More about Peace Out

5. There’s no accounting for taste
Story Shed
Bubblegum, honeycomb and, somewhat contentiously (or is that just us?), mint choc chip emerged as the top ice cream flavours in the ‘What’s Your Favourite?’ episode. The show also gave us the idea for a fun bedtime game in the process: think of a category and let the discussion begin. Story Shed is created by Yoto’s own Jake Harris, a primary school teacher with a seemingly endless supply of fun stories.
More about Story Shed

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