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BrainBots: Sea Defenders

  • Read by Arina Ii, Davis Brooks; Vincent Lai; Ailsa Rochester

Yoto says: Head underwater with the BrainBots as they learn how to protect our oceans. Will they earn their Sea Defenders upgrade?

Meet the BrainBots: Nellie, Buzz, and Gibbs! When school closes, these high-tech knowledge-gathering robots come to life to find out as much information as they can for kids before the next school day starts. They can do some amazing stuff, too - think traveling back in time, shrinking all the way down to explore tiny spaces, and getting where humans can’t… But what happens when the kids are away, and there’s a new upgrade available…?

In this feature-length special, while the children are off on a school trip, the BrainBots are on an adventure of their own – undertaking training to earn their Sea Defenders Upgrade! Join Nellie, Buzz, and Gibbs as they explore our world’s oceans and learn what we can do to protect them. From Dougie the Sea Turtle in Costa Rica, to Jazz the Seahorse in England, to Wilma the Zebra Shark in Australia, the BrainBots will meet some of our oceans' most amazing animals who will teach them just how incredible and important our oceans are. ​

This audio card will take you on a hilarious fact-filled adventure to learn all about our oceans and how to become a Sea Defender yourself. Test your knowledge at the end of the card to see how many BrainBank facts you can remember!

Created in collaboration with the SEALIFE Trust, 20% of all Sea Defender card sales will be donated to protecting our oceans. More information about Yoto Charity Partners.

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