Make Your Own: Gift Ideas

Make Your Own: Gift Ideas

Forget macaroni and glitter—get crafty with Make Your Own cards!
Make Your Own cards are essentially blank Yoto Cards which offer endless opportunities for you and your little ones to get creative. You can store up to 100 tracks/500MB of audio content on each Make Your Own card, and edit them as many times as you like.
Once you're happy with your recordings, you can decorate your Make Your Own cards with stickers, drawings and messages so you know what's what and who's who. Then you can play them whenever you like or even send them to friends and family members to tap on their phones or listen to on their own Yoto Players.
And now, when you add others to your Yoto Family Account, they'll be able to record their own stories directly into the app and have them appear on your phone to link to your Make Your Own cards!
24 Days of Yoto
Last year, we introduced 24 Days of Yoto and it was a huge success. Which is why we're bringing it back for the second year in a row!
From the 1st of December, you can unwrap free audio every day until Christmas Day. Simply visit the Yoto App on your smartphone to explore free chapters, tracks, and activities from an exclusive selection of Yoto Cards.

Even better? Free content can be linked to a Make Your Own card in just one click!

Here are some ways to transform Make Your Own cards into special gifts:
Say Thank You
Mums and Dads are the real holiday heroes, even if many of us give others (real or imaginary) the credit. 
If you feel like your partner needs some extra recognition, why not help your kids to thank them with a special Make Your Own card message? Sing a song together, write a festive poem, or just show some good old fashion gratitude. Decorate your card (with plenty of love hearts, of course) and leave it somewhere special for them to find it!
Start a Family Band
Have your kids become musical maestros? Why not show off your new virtuosic self by recording a performance by your new family band? Pots and pans, toy keyboards and broken ukuleles will do just fine. What matters that you all have fun and make plenty of festive racket!
Start a Family Book Club
Is there a talented storyteller in your family or friendship circle? It's easy to add friends and family to your Yoto Player's Family Account so they can record stories in the Yoto App for you to listen to.
Have them make a recording for you to link to a Make Your Own card. It could be one of their family's favourite storybooks or a tale of their own invention. Roald Dahl famously came up with many of his most beloved tales while thinking of bedtime stories for his daughters!
If your friends don't want to download the Yoto App, that's fine! Most smartphones have free voice recording apps which they can use to record and email their stories.
Get Crafty in the Kitchen
Christmas is a time for giving and togetherness, but it's also a time for food! If your kids are already getting excited about all the goodies you'll be whipping up, why not plan ahead and make some recipes to listen to as you cook? Then you won't need to worry about which hand is clean enough to turn the pages!
These Make Your Own recipe cards are perfect for sending to friends and family who might need a little culinary inspiration. Get the kids to record their recipe, decorate their card, and then pop it in the mail!
Tip: need recipe inspiration? Check out our Baking with Yoto cards.
Give the Gift of Laughter
There’s no better gift than the gift of laughter (though five minutes of alone time with a cup of tea wouldn't go amiss).
We’re sure that you all have some hilarious crackers to tell. Pop on your comedian cap, and start this season off with a giggle. If you're at a loss, you can always tune into Yoto Daily on Fridays to hear plenty of jokes from Yoto listeners around the world!
Spread Some Love and Festive Cheer
Have your kids think about their favourite memory of a loved one, and why it was so special. Talk about it when making your card, and remind everyone of that lovely memory this festive season. Then decorate your Make Your Own card and pop it in the mail for that special person to enjoy.
Feeling inspired? Click here to get started from your mobile or desktop.  
Questions? Do not hesitate to consult our support site or reach out to us on social media.

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