You might be surprised to learn that WEEE is not in fact the sound of a child plummeting down a slide, but it’s actually the Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Directive. It’s far more exciting and useful than it sounds, so please do read on!

Sure. So what is it?

The Directive states that as a retailer, we must provide a way for customers buying our new electrical products (i.e. Yoto Player, Yoto Mini, Headphones), the opportunity to recycle their old electrical items free of charge. We are registered with a company called Valpak to help us offer this service through their Distributor Take Back Scheme.

We are also registered with Valpak for manufacturer compliance under the Directive.

Which items can be recycled?

Wherever you see a picture of a wheelie bin crossed out, this is to show you that old electrical equipment can be recycled - reusing or safely disposing of any hazardous materials, and not be thrown away in your normal waste. So please keep it separate from your other waste and don’t throw it out!

Count me in! Where do I recycle them?

Head over to www.recycle-more.co.uk for how to find a local recycling facility

Great. Now, show me the legal stuff.


Our WEEE Producer number is WEE/MM6680AA

Our Battery Producer number is BPRN09070

Our DTS registration ID is 600035