Why Yoto?

It all starts with a card...

Yoto Cards let kids explore what inspires them. And there are two audio players to play them on.

The bigger player with a night light

Our original Yoto Player

The smaller player for listening on the go

Our portable Yoto Mini

You can also make your own cards

Turn your bedtime stories into Yoto Cards that kids can listen to again and again

Record your stories in the Yoto App

Just hit record and then link your story to a Make Your Own Card in seconds.

Give each track its own fun pixel art

Choose from our pixel art library or make your own from scratch.

Every player comes with...

Yoto players are packed with free audio that kids can play at the press of a button

Yoto Daily

Yoto Radio

Sleep Sounds


Kids learn through play

Yoto inspires independent learning and play, building kids’ confidence as they grow

Yoto makes it easy, safe and fun for kids to play how they like

Build better bedtimes

Nine out of ten families surveyed use Yoto as part of their bedtime routine.

Just like a family it grows together

Add all your players to one account, or all your family members to your player

Take your cards with you in the Yoto App

You can listen in the car or on any other Bluetooth speaker.
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The joy of a collection that grows through childhood

Build a collection that your child will love for years to come. Cards are easy for all ages to organise, pack and play wherever they are.

Join the Club

Get two cards a month, free shipping and 10% off everything from £8.25.

The Yoto community

We speak to parents every day to build new products and features that families love