Enjoy better bedtimes with Yoto

90% of Yoto families use a player at bedtime. Here’s how Yoto can support your family’s bedtime routine.

Make kids the heroes of bedtime

Our players help kids feel in control of their bedtime and wake up routines.

Sleep training with OK-to-wake clocks

Got a night owl or early bird in your house? Our players show kids a moon when it’s time for bed and a sun when it’s OK to get up.

Create a calming bedroom atmosphere

Soothing anxious sleepers with Yoto Player’s seven-colour night light. You can even set the colour to change when it’s time to wake up.

Wind down with sleepy sounds

Our collection of snooze-worthy sounds will have night owls nodding off in no time.

Sleep Radio

Sleep Sounds

Explore songs, sounds and stories for a good night’s sleep

The Yoto App is a total snooze-fest

You’ll find plenty of features for day and night in our free Yoto App.

Toothbrush Timer

Up, down, left and right - and don’t forget to rinse! Our toothbrush timer will have the whole family brushing to the beat.

Sleep Timers

Don’t want little ones listening too late? Set custom sleep timers to tell your player when to stop playing.

Yoto Alarms

Choose from a range of alarm sounds, including a “Wake with Jake” feature from the host of our Yoto Daily podcast.

The Yoto community

We speak to parents every day to build new products and features that families love