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Yoto in the classroom

Yoto is perfect for nurseries, schools, and learning centres of any kind.

Children, and indeed adults, love being read to - it is an ancient human instinct, innate in all of us, to listen to tales told by others. There is an inclination among many to assume that listening to audiobooks isn’t as beneficial as reading. However, the benefits of audiobooks are extensive, including huge improvements in children’s comprehension, pronunciation and vocabulary, as well as improving both the accuracy and fluency of their reading skills.

Our award-winning products and 800+ Yoto Cards help kids to learn through play, developing their vocabulary and comprehension without using a screen.

Yoto Player and Yoto Mini give kids the freedom to safely explore a world of educational audio including classic audiobooks, science adventures, maths problems, phonics and the alphabet. Plus it has no ads, no microphones and no cameras.

This is the power of storytelling. This is the power of audio.

Over 750 schools already use Yoto Player and Yoto Mini in their classrooms, if you would like to join we’d love to hear from you. We offer an educational discount for all learning settings.

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