New Yoto Club FAQs

New Yoto Club FAQs

New Yoto Club is here and it's better than ever!  If you were already a Yoto Club member before Monday 3rd October, here's a refresher on everything you need to know. 


Which Yoto Club benefits have stayed the same? 
Yoto Club members still get their usual 10% off and free delivery on everything. All for the same monthly / annual price. 

How does the new Yoto Club work?  
Each month on your billing date, we'll add two Club Credits to your account. Each Club Credit equals one Yoto Card, and instead of choosing from 10 pre-selected Yoto Cards, you'll take your pick from a much wider Yoto Club collection within the Card Store. In October, you'll have 100 titles to choose from and we'll add more all the time. 

There are no 'card selection' times, so you can choose your Yoto Club Cards whenever you like and they'll be shipped out immediately. It's just like placing a normal order, so you'll also get an order confirmation so you can remember what you've got coming.

You can also accrue Club Credits for up to 12 months. So if there aren't any cards you'd like to choose in October, you could then choose 4 Yoto Cards in November, for example. 

I was already a Club member before Monday 3rd October - how will I be billed? 
All existing monthly and annual members have been automatically added to the new Yoto Club.

If you pay monthly, you will have been billed on Saturday 1st October. From November onwards. you'll be billed on the 1st day of each month and get your Club Credits on this same day.

If you pay annually, you'll receive your Club Credits on the 1st day of each month. October is the only exception, with Club Credits available on Monday 3rd October. Your annual membership will auto-renew on the anniversary of your original sign up. We will send you an email 30 days before your annual subscription is due to renew. 

All customers who join Yoto Club from Monday 3rd October onwards (both annual and monthly subscribers) will be billed and will receive their Club Credits on the anniversary of their date of joining. 

How do I manage my membership?  
You need to have an account set up on our website to be able to access your Yoto Club membership.

Sign in to your Yoto Account and click "Manage Membership." You'll be able to edit your delivery and billing addresses, update payment details and cancel your membership. 

Make sure your website account is set up with the same email address you used to subscribe to Yoto Club. 

How do I make my card selections in the new Yoto Club?  
You can now choose your Yoto Club cards directly in the Card Store on our website.

When you are logged in you'll see a green bar above the cards. This will show you the number of Club Credits you have available (shown in the white circle).

We've added a new Yoto Club card filter into the Card Store: 'Show me YOTO CLUB cards only.

In addition, all cards included in our Yoto Club collection have a new little green tent icon on the bottom right of the card. As you browse the Card Store, anywhere you see that icon, you'll know that you can get that card for free in exchange for one Club Credit. 

When you have Club Credits available and you are choosing cards from the Yoto Club collection, you'll see cards display as a £0.00 cost. 

You can apply this new Yoto Club filter on its own, or combine it with any of our existing Card Store filters:
  • Age Range
  • Card Type
  • New
  • Content Type
  • Language 
  • Authors
Take a look at our other blog post for step by step instructions on how to choose your cards in the new Yoto Club.

How many cards are there to choose from in the new Yoto Club?  
In October, you'll have 100 titles to choose from and we'll add more cards to the Yoto Club collection all the time.

Plus, you'll still be able to choose a Make Your Own card. 

How will I know that my Club Credits have been applied successfully to my cart? 
When you have made a card choice from the Yoto Club collection with your available Club Credits, each card chosen will show with:
  • "Used 1 of 2 Yoto Club Credits"
  • A £0.00 cost

Can I buy anything else with Club Credits? 
No, Club Credits can only be used to redeem single cards included in the Yoto Club collection. You can't combine Club Credits with payments to buy other items. One Club Credit is equal to one Yoto Card in the Club collection. 

I want to add extra items to my cart - what do I do?
Just add them to your cart as normal and they will show with their cost minus your 10% membership discount. Then check out as normal.

If you add additional Yoto Club Cards, don't worry - we will always make sure the most expensive Yoto Club Cards are the ones we apply your Yoto Club Credits to. 

When will my Yoto Club Card order be processed?  
As soon as you have placed your order, it will be processed and delivered like any other order you make on the website. There is no more waiting until the start of the following month for the order to be processed, we will process your order straight away.

You'll receive two emails when you have made your Yoto Club Card choices:
  • "Order confirmation" email 
  • "Your order has been shipped" email  

Where is the new Yoto Club available?  
The new Yoto Club is available in the USA and UK. We're excited to bring Yoto Club to new regions in the future. 

Can I have multiple memberships?  
Yes! If you have a second membership, you'll get 4 Club Credits each month. If you get a third, you'll get 6 Club Credits each month. You can have as many as you like!

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