World Book Day: Reading for Pleasure
World Book Day: Reading for Pleasure

World Book Day: Reading for Pleasure

It's no secret that we love books. And we are proud to announce that Yoto is the Official Audio Partner of World Book Day® 2023!

Why are books so great?

They bring stories to life and encourage children to harness the power of their imaginations as they build, draw, learn, and play. Even better—audiobooks are a fantastic way to foster a lifelong love of reading—with additional support for reading and pronunciation. 

Why is reading important?

Reading for pleasure is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success—even more than their family circumstances, parents’ educational background or income (reference: OECD). Wow!

The charity knows there are six things that can encourage reading. They are; children should be able to choose what they read, to have help to find books, to have books at home and at school, be read to, have time to read, and can have fun reading. When children are supported with any or all of these six things, they’re more likely to feel enthusiastic about reading.
If a child is reading for enjoyment or fun, their vocabulary improves (in comparison to children who don’t read), their reading skills improve, and they perform better in subjects other than English. There’s a strong link between reading for pleasure and better mental health and wellbeing, and improved empathy skills too.
Read on to learn how you can encourage reading for pleasure in your kids (and how Yoto can help along the way).

1. Create a time to read

Habits are a crucial part of our lives. And positive habits are easily formed when we stick to a routine. So, whether it’s in the morning before school, or as a wind-down before bed, try to make reading a part of your family’s daily routine. Over time, these regular routines can turn into life-long habits like reading before bed or reaching for a book instead of a device.

2. Be read to

Read a favourite tale as a family or encourage your kids to choose reading in their downtime.

Yoto can help too. We’ve got plenty of unabridged audiobooks (perfect for reading along) for all ages—from The Gruffalo to Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Reading with audiobooks can help children to connect the characters and story.

So grab a book, pop in a Yoto Card and read along!


3. Let kids choose their book

Think about it—if you’re in the mood for a little Eat, Pray, Love, then you’re not going to love wading through the latest John Grisham novel. (No offence, John!)

That’s because curiosity and inspiration make hard work—like following along with an intercontinental journey of self-discovery*—feel like a breeze.

Kids are no different.

If given the chance to read something that they’re curious about, kids will enjoy the act of reading so much more. Start a conversation with them about what they’d like to read. They might choose a comic, or a big book of dinosaur facts, or even the latest John Grisham. (Okay, probably not. Sorry again, John!)

What’s important is that they’re reading, and that they feel free to explore what inspires them. If kids associate reading with the subjects they’re most excited about, they’re much more likely to reach for a book. 

Yoto lets kids choose what they want to listen to, giving them a sense of
independence. Whether that’s music, an audiobook, or a podcast.

*Or a gripping courtroom thriller, for that matter.


4. Make reading fun!

 Like everything in life, things are better when they’re an adventure.

 Where some kids might feel that reading at home is like being in school, there are ways to get them to feel enthusiastic about reading. Make a reading fort with blankets and pillows. Or read a history book at the museum. You and your family could even act out scenes from your favourite stories or dress up as much-loved characters. OR write your own spin-off stories! The literary world is your oyster.

Alongside storytelling, why not try one of the free soundscapes in the app? Sound effects can make your reading adventure even more immersive and imaginative...


5. Help to find books 

World Book Day is one of our favourite days of the year, so it’s only right that we celebrate. There isn’t one book that will work for every child. Our card library contains something for a wide range of readers from different age groups, reading abilities and interests.


6. Have books at home 

Build your card library with Yoto, and support more children to have books at home at the same time! As an official partner, we will be donating £1 for each selected Yoto Card sold during the month, from February 16th to March 23rd.


We love to hear from our community members. What are some ways your family uses Yoto Player or Yoto Mini to encourage reading? Let us know on social media, or get in touch.

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