Age Appropriate Design

Yoto’s approach to the Children’s Code

As the Yoto Player is designed for children’s use, there’s naturally a small amount of personal data collected about children when using the Yoto Player. For more information on what personal data we collect and why please see our privacy notice.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has released the Children’s Code. The Children’s Code is designed to help organisations whose websites and Apps are likely to be used by children aren’t designed in a way which takes advantage of the child, such as by encouraging payments to be made or hiding key information in the small print.

On this page, we’ve summarised the requirements of the Children’s Code and the steps Yoto takes to comply. We’re always looking for feedback on this topic. So, if you think we’ve overlooked an important perspective or used language we could improve on this page, please just let us know by contacting us at

Yoto follows the steps below to make sure that children’s privacy rights are protected when using the Yoto Player:

  1. Best interests of the child: The Yoto Player has been designed with children’s best interests in mind.
  2. Assessments and application: Yoto has assessed and mitigated any privacy risks related to children’s use of the Yoto Player. As examples, we do not offer children the ability to create a Yoto account, and we do not have social media style functionality in which children using the Yoto Player can communicate with each other. The Yoto Player has been designed with children aged between 3 and 12 years old in mind.
  3. Detrimental use of data: Yoto doesn’t use children’s personal data in ways that have been shown to be detrimental to their wellbeing, or that go against industry codes of practice, other regulatory provisions or Government advice.
  4. Default settings: The Yoto Player’s design settings are ‘high privacy’ by default. For example, the Yoto Player is completely screen, microphone and ad free*.
  5. Data minimisation: Yoto only collects and retains the minimum amount of personal data needed to provide the service. We also operate a rolling account deletion policy, so if your Yoto account is inactive for two years, we will delete your account (after letting you know and giving you the option to keep it open, of course!)
  6. Data sharing: Yoto does not disclose children’s data to any third party.
  7. Geolocation: Yoto does not track children using the Yoto Player. However, we do collect location details when connected to WIFI based on your IP address for certain location-based player functionality.
  8. Profiling: Yoto does not profile children.
  9. Policies: Yoto will always uphold its policies and procedures to safeguard children’s personal data.

*Some Yoto Cards may contain third party ads; if so this is made clear in the card description on our webstore. Yoto does not control these ads and they do not represent Yoto or our views.