Monkey Music: Copy Me!. Monkey Music

Monkey Music: Copy Me!

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    Yoto Says: Sing-along and relive the fun of a Monkey Music class with this compilation of songs to help support all aspects of your little one’s development.

    These catchy Monkey Music songs will get everyone up on their feet and moving to the beat! Singing together is a great way to foster your child’s early language development, develop fine motor skills, and build self-confidence.

    Music from the award-winning Monkey Music classes! To find out more about Monkey Music and to book a FREE class visit

    1. Monkey Music is fun for you and me
    2. I look and see with my eyes
    3. Tap your knees when the music plays
    4. I know an animal I can be
    5. Row, row, row the boat
    6. Hold hands and come and follow me
    7. I’m getting ready to sing
    8. Sing Altogether
    9. Everybody Clap
    10. Time To Move (Instrumental)
    11. Everybody Wobble
    12. Can You Be Like a Leaf On a Tree
    13. Peek-a-boo
    14. Holding Hands Means I Like You
    15. I Can Tap My Toes
    16. Can You See The Man in the Moon?
    17. Stars Are Shining Bright
    18. Time To Sleep (Instrumental)
    19. Goodbye Song

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