Rockford's Rock Opera: The End of Infinity. Matthew Sweetapple; Steve Punt

Rockford's Rock Opera: The End of Infinity

  • Read by Matthew Sweetapple

Yoto Says: No matter how great the challenge may be, with friends by your side, you can’t fail. The fourth musical story from Rockford’s Rock Opera.
Two years have passed since Moog and Rockford’s first adventure on the magical, Island of Infinity. When they returned, many people believed Moog’s amazing story about the land of extinct creatures, although others said he’d just made it all up.

One man who’d believed everything was the strange Dr. Ermine Skinner, a collector of rare animals. But when he sets off to the island, Moog and Rockford find they are the only ones who can stop him and save the creatures of Infinity.

So begins an incredible race back through the history of life on Earth where Moog discovers that the wonders of Infinity go far deeper than anyone could possibly imagine. And the world finally realises that there are some things we can all agree on. A thrilling, magical, funny, thought-provoking musical story with lots of twists… and evolutionary wrong turnings.

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