Yoto and the Environment

We're committed to protecting our planet

After all, we know it's not really ours. It belongs to our children.

So, since we launched the first version of the Yoto Player in 2020 for the last two years, we've been improving our products and processes bit by bit. We follow and often exceed the relevant regulations, and we're working towards something we can be proud of:

Products that are safe for your kids. Made in a way that safeguards the planet.

We're not perfect; far from it. But we're striving to be better every day.

Here's where we are today:

  1. We have designed the Yoto ecosystem around products that we want to last a long time, and audio that can be enjoyed throughout childhood. No planned obsolescence for us, we want to be part of the furniture. Our audio players connect to a central server. This means we can update the software running on them to continually make them better, with more useful features that families tell us they want. It also means we can diagnose and fix most problems remotely, cutting down on the amount of returns, unnecessary shipping, and waste.
  2. We make our packaging from FSC certified card. It's made with wood that comes from certified forests or recycled wood waste. We are working to make our packaging totally from this single material, and to remove all single use plastic. The only parts of our packaging which are made from something different are the protective bag that the Yoto Player comes in within the box (which is made from a compostable material), and the small plastic adhesive stickers which are used to secure the player boxes closed, and protect the Yoto Player charging dock during transit.
  3. We make our Yoto Cards from PETG - a plastic - and we're exploring more sustainable materials. We know the impact that PETG has on the planet, but it's strong enough to survive family life. And unlike many common plastics, PETG is food-safe. We know our products will end up in kids' mouths at some point!
  4. We have launched a donation initiative giving each team member at Yoto the opportunity to donate a returned, preloved or unused Yoto Player to a cause near and dear to their heart - it could be a childcare environment, a non-profit, educational organisation, or another charitable cause. You can read more about ‘Project Second Chance’ here. By doing this we avoid players having to be destroyed, and can provide greater access to educational audio for as many children as possible.
  5. In relation to the environment, Our products are compliant with:
    • The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2012/19/EU. This manages the impact that disposed electrical and electronic products have on the environment.
    • The Batteries & Accumulators Directive 2006/66/EC. This manages the collection, recycling and sustainability of batteries and ensures they are safe throughout their entire life cycle.
    • The Packaging & Packaging Waste Directive 94/62/EC. This manages the sustainable design and recycling of waste packaging.
    • Find out more about Product Safety and Compliance.
  6. Our suppliers are audited to ensure they meet international ethical trade standards, meet our high expectations on quality and are compliant with global environmental standards.

    We know this is just the start of our journey, and the destination will always get further away, but we’re committed to keep on learning, challenging ourselves to do better, and always improving.