Unhurried Journey. Elena Moon Park

Unhurried Journey


    Yoto says: Celebrate children’s music from all over East Asia, mixing various musical traditions, languages, styles, and stories.

    Unhurried Journey is a collection of songs for all ages that celebrates the beauty of taking our time to appreciate every moment of our individual and collective journeys. The album is inspired by the artwork of Kristiana Pärn, and features original songs based on her artwork plus reimagined folk and children's songs from East and Southeast Asia.

    From the artist: “As I get older, I am learning to value taking my time. I embrace any opportunity to create space, listen, and appreciate this wild journey we're all on. When I do, I remember what I enjoy most about the journey: Having a conversation with a friend, face to face. Sharing a good meal. Listening to people's stories through music, art and memories. Appreciating the natural world that surrounds us. This album is about creating space for conversations, laughter, reflections, and memories. This album is my dedication to the unhurried journey. Each song is also a deep musical collaboration. They feature musicians and dear friends from Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Mexico and the US."

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